The Handmaid's Tale Show Package

The Handmaid's Tale project is a show package project based on the HULU series using incredible imagery from the show and emphasizing "the symbolism of the color red," as described by Ane Crabtree, the fashion designer. One of the thing that makes this show so successful is the use of compelling visuals to tell this incredible story of the handmaids. I wanted to use parts of the imagery in the show to set the environment and tone for the show, giving that sense of dread, emotion and rawness that has kept viewers watching. This project contains a title sequence which uses imager, typography and paralax, a square format for Instagram, a vertical format for Snapchat, a keyable logo, 2 lower third designs, a new season reveal and last, but not least, a transition screen, all of which can be viewed below along with the process. 

Music: The Promenade of Stolen Children by Adam Taylor


Instagram Promo

Snapchat Promo

Keyable Logo

Lower Thirds

New Season Reveal