Off-White Digital Ad

The Off-White digital ad is a brand identity ad which uses graphics, some live action and typography to reflect the brand. Off-White, a streetwear brand created by Virgil Abloh, inspires one to be different and stand out, to be unique and not to conform to conventional standards. It is youthful, chic, and modern. Naturally most people try to model the products in a digital ad, but after much research, fashion show recaps, and documentaries, I decided that was not the appropriate direction for what Off-White claims to be. Since I wanted to be true to what Off-White represents, much of my art direction was heavily influenced by Virgil Abloh himself and therefore I focused more on the brand's character rather than the merchandise it had to offer. Below you can see my process in much greater detail and view the Vertical and Square versions.

song: Alasen - Abyss

Off-White Vertical Version

Off-White Square Version