Deep Sea Dreams 3D Experiment Title Reveal

This project was inspired by the Deep Sea Dreams photograph I created. Deep Sea Dreams mainly represents the ideas of forgotten dreams and broken dreams. I decided to reveal the text and approach it as if it were a title sequence feeling that would enhance the sunken feeling of finding dreams at the bottom of the ocean. This project was mainly an experimentation project in working in 3D software to build environments and use C4D camera. Below you can view various lighting test. 

Music: Think Up Anger - 'Apollo' (For What It's Worth Vocal) ft. Malia J.mp3 



No Lighting Test.png
no lighting
Lighting Test A.png
lighting test a
Lighting Test B.png
lighting test b
Water and Lighting TestA.png
water and lighting test a
Rough Lighting and Water TestB.png
water and lighting test b
SAND Dreams.png
sand landscape test